Sunday, September 4, 2011


i just love my blog name. a tinge of happiness:') and the url, sprinklingcolors:') well u see, there're reasons behind those names. for those who know me pretty well, they knew sadness is so not my thing. but truth is, sadness is my new friend for these couple of days. or weeks i can say. i'm big on crying, but i'm big on laughing too ! therefore i shall say i'm a BALANCED person. LOL takde kena mengena-.-

reason why i deleted my old blog was because i feel sad about everything. yes, everything. there were just too many memories in there and i can't bear memories that can only weaken me. i'm never going to cry anymore. i'm going to stand tall (even i know i'm not that tall, lol) and tell everyone that I'M FINE !! :') so yeah, A Tinge Of Happiness is pretty much like an inspiration for me to stay happy:') 

these few days i realized i wore black tops and bottoms every day. i wore black pyjamas too ! u got me, what i'm trying to say is, moods indeed is affected by colors. or colors can tell our personality. i wasn't feeling happy few days back. that was why i wore black all the time. sprinkingcolors is also like an inspiration for me to sprinkle colors to my life, so that i'll never feel sad again:')

i'm going to be as happy as a king:') i'm going to smile as if that's the only thing i can do:') 

there i said it. i'm going to sleep now. goodnight world.