Tuesday, October 25, 2011


it feels good, u know, i'm home already:') alhamdulillah, safely arrived in KL around 5 pm. arif, jieha and sofia dropped me at KL central. i'm not very good in walking alone, u see, let alone naik train seorang diri kan hah-____- just now pun kinda pening nak beli ticket and all-.- but i made it ! :) 

yes, it feels good. there are a lot of changes everywhere. A LOT. mum finally succeed in persuading my dad to buy a new dining table-.- there're changes in the arrangements of the furniture too. oh oh, there're also new photo frames on the wall. and many more ! lol. 

played playdough with my little sister and watched karate-kid with my little brother (mum told me that he watched that movie for the 789797th time already-.- lol)  . great moments i tell you:') but sadly my sister, alin, she's not home:( sobs. 


oh by the way, i love the above picture:'D 

toodles love