Monday, October 17, 2011


hey, i'm back !! :D just finished EOM exam. i guess that explains why i haven't been writing for quite some time. there are a LOT of things to read, seriously. thousands of drug names to memorize, i tell you, and also which enzymes they inhibit. i was like, do i have to know all of these? memorizing the drug names je pun dah took me a lot of time. STRESSSS-_____-

few days before exam pun very stressful. a lot of things happened, which seriously affected my study mood, plus a lot of things to take in and digest, i became a really grumpy person lately. i cursed a lot. oh my, grumpy is so not me. but don't worry, i'm much better now ! wee:D 

i don't know why i posted this picture:P hah

i'm hungry. i'll be right back:)