Monday, September 5, 2011


i seriously cannot understand WOMEN these days. i think they are pretty much being carried away by all the technologies. they tell the whole world what they are doing, what they are wearing, what they are eating, what they are thinking (blame facebook for asking what's on our mind), etc etc.

for example, ''ugh this purple skirt is making me feel uncomfortable !''. yeah clearly, her motive is to tell people that she's wearing purple skirt-____-

example number 2, ''yummy, this yogurt is the best yogurt i have ever tasted !''. there. she's telling the world she's eating yogurt-____-

example number 3, ''OMG, headache !''. she's telling the world she's not feeling well-____-

of all the examples above, i can reconsider reading them. but i seriously CANNOT accept my bad luck of coming across some statuses below-----

1- ''please help me, i have got period pain!:( ''
2- ''i'm in a bad mood, i think the moon is coming''
3- ''oh no, not again, 5 times in a month??''
4- ''my menstrual cycle is driving me nuts!''

they are all about women's stuff you see. i respect your rights to write anything u want, but please, tak malu ke? kan dah kasar. LOL. so women, if you want to share things with the public, just share things that can be shared publicly:) no hard feelings. just expressing my opinions. later.