Saturday, January 7, 2012


i learned a new word last 2 days i think. it was EMPATHY. truth be told, i never knew what empathy means. i just thought it was pretty much similar to SYMPATHY. now don't tell me i am the only one who thinks of it that way-.- 


to put it into nice words, EMPATHY means to put yourself in someone else's shoe. that is how i define EMPATHY. to make it clearer, imagine this :

i put a book on a shelf, i went to the toilet. while i was in the toilet, suddenly a librarian took that book away. when i come back, where would i find the book? 

*drum rolls*

if you answer SHELF, u're correct, and u have empathy in your self. why? because u're putting yourself in my shoe. i put that book on a shelf, when i come back, of course i would find it at the same place i left it just now. yay you ! :D

okay, sorry, i know that was a bad example LOL-.- 

the story behind the example above is, i just can't stand watching or hearing this one person laugh. she laughs, but she makes no laughing sound at all. its like her voice was trapped inside of her stomach, and struggling to come out. whenever she laughs, i feel breathless. like i'm trying hard to breathe. like spongebob living in the Bikini Bottom with no water. u get my point? i don't like that kind of feeling, i feel like i'm dying-.- 

ha-ha over:P 

so whenever she laughs, i will try hard not to look at her. LOL. 

thankfully i didn't ponteng PPD class last 2 days. if i did i won't know what EMPATHY means, and i won't be able to explain what i feel when i see her laughing:P

bye love.