Saturday, October 29, 2011

kiss kiss

ever heard of lip smacker? here i google-ed some pictures for you in case u do not know. 

u know when u buy some magazine, they will include cute and adorable free gifts inside. yeah, so when i was little, i used to buy BARBIE MAGAZINE, monthly. this lips smacker thing, they usually come with the magazine, different flavors and colors every month. i can say that i pretty much adore all those lip glosses that i never fail to buy the magazines whenever they were published. never fail i tell korang. so i bought the magazine just so i could get the lip glosses, u see. but those lip glosses were LIMITED. sometimes they included the same flavors for 3 months in a row, and you could never, find them elsewhere, except in the magazine. so when i grow older, i got bored and i gave up in collecting them due to the hardships i have to go through-.-
so here's how the magazine looks like : 

i repeat, those lip glosses, they were limited, and you could never find them elsewhere. 

so i went to watson's just now to buy myself a shampoo. and guess what? i nampak cute little lip gloss, packed in a cute packet, and they were LIP SMACKERS !!!! loads of them were sold there at watson's. serious banyak ! i was like, wth?? -_______- dulu punya susah nak cari kannn, now senang senang je jual macam tu aje-.- duhh

okay that's all-.- 
bye love