Monday, September 19, 2011


hello hello people ! i'm back:) been busy for a while, i didn't have the chance to online much. orientation week plus low internet connection. so i guess you've been wondering how am i doing lately. hee;) i don't want to talk much so i'll just post pictures okie dokie?:) 

first day of PPD camp in Kulim. i was called in front because i accidentally left my basket full of toiletries in the bus-____- malu gilaaaa. clumsy me. lol.

this is how it looks. the dorm. that was my very first time i guess sleeping in a dorm:( 

group mates:') 

luckily i have them here:')


community service with MD UKM 3rd year at Kampung Paya Tok Betuk, Kulim. events available : sukaneka, medical checkup, lucky draw and many more. i was supposed to conduct the medical checkup but the seniors conquered it all. so i spent most of my time there watching sukaneka-.- lol.

sukaneka was fun. the children played tiup belon sampai pecah. they were all very innocent so i taught them how to cheat a little bit. i asked them to use their kuku while blowing the balloons. LOL-___- contoh tak baik ni. hahaha. the guys kept asking me to join the children-.-

me and rehan practiced to use the sphygmomanometer to check blood pressure. there were about 2 or 3 md seniors gave me brief explanations on how to use it but sadly i still tak reti2. guess i wasn't prepare myself yet to become a doctor:( lekluuu baru first year kannn-____- 

that was my first time main bendalah ni. sangat funnn. lol :P 

 with kak kama. she's nice actually. well yeah dulu i thought die sombong. hee.

around 4 we started our journey back to pv. before balik there was this makcik, she said, ''terima kasih sudi datang kampung kami''. and i was a little bit sebak time tu:'( 

so i guess that's all for now. oh oh btw, thanks zai and cleo for the picturesss;)