Monday, September 5, 2011


i woke up pretty early today, which i think is an improvement. and also a preparation for degree for not more than a week left. lol. can't believe i'm getting myself to degree now, it feels----(brief hesitation)---- OLD -____- i want to stay 19 forever. the thought of getting 20 next year is giving me intense headache. lol over-.- guess my dad knows me pretty well. he kept asking me what's my age for next year? and i keep giving him the same answers for his question,''next year i'm 19+1 years old''. lol funny. i'm never going to say, ''I'm going to be 20 next year''-____- i'm never going to say the word twenty forever. LOL.

but i think getting old is not a bad idea after all. that's human nature. but i want to stay at my current age forever, just like Edward Cullen and Damon Salvatore-____-

i watched CJ7 last night on tv3. and i found it awesome:D yeah i know, me lame much. haha:P there was this scene when the boy's father died. the boy cried so badly, that makes me feel like crying too. but I DIDN'T. i like it when i cry watching sad movies, but last night mum keep asking me to do this and that, so it sort of spoiled my mood for this crying-over-a-sad-movies thing-----MAJOR TURNOFF. lol-___-

cutest thing ever:D 

will write again soon. later.